Direct-To-Film Printer & Oven

Direct to film printing is a unique printing technology that involves printing designs onto a special film for transfer onto garments. DTF printing is a heat transfer process that has the ability to last as long as the traditional silkscreen print.

DTF Printer

GALAXY A3 – DTF Printer is ideal for small business shop owners, crafters, or fashion studios.  DTF (Direct to Film) is a new game changer for the personalized fabric industry.  It can be used for cotton, non-cotton, jeans, PU material combining a very wide range of products such as t-shirts, hoodies, shopping bags, jeans, jactets, etc.  Work with any color fabric as it has a white ink capacity….

Unlike expensive DTG printers, DTF equipment has a much lower cost of ownership.  Eliminated is the need for a pre-treatment process.

  • Exceptional print quality
  • High resolution and true color rendering
  • White Ink Mix and Circulation minimizing printer head clogs
  • Easy to use – no pre-treatment required.
  • Includes AcroRip v10.3 Software

GS-DTF-A3 Specifications

GS-DO-001 Oven

Specifically designed for the A3 DTF Printer.  Easy to operate with adjustable temperature and time settings.   

GS-DO-001 Oven Specifications

DTF System Package

System Includes:
* GS-DTF-A3 Printer
* GS-DO-001 Oven
* AcroRIP v.10.3 Software
* 200 ml CMYKWW Ink
* A3 DTF Film – 100 sheets
* DTF Powder – 1kg bag

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