DTF - Direct To Film

DTF printing one-stop solution

Direct to film printing is a unique printing technology that involves printing designs onto a special film for transfer onto garments. DTF printing is a heat transfer process that has the ability to last as long as the traditional silkscreen print.

Galaxy DTF Printer

The latest version of the popular GALAXY A3 R – DTF Printer is ideal for small business shop owners, crafters, or fashion studios.  Offering a more stable operation and convenient maintenance due to the upgraded interior structure and appearance.  DTF (Direct to Film) is a new game changer for the personalized fabric industry.  It can be used for cotton, non-cotton, jeans, PU material combining a very wide range of products such as t-shirts, hoodies, shopping bags, jeans, jackets, etc.  Work with any color fabric as it has a white ink capacity….

Unlike expensive DTG printers, DTF equipment has a much lower cost of ownership.  Eliminated is the need for a pre-treatment process.

  • Exceptional print quality
  • High resolution and true color rendering
  • White Ink Mix and Circulation minimizing printer head clogs
  • Supports both sheet and roll printing
  • Easy to use – no pre-treatment required.
  • Includes CADlink Digital Factory DTF Software
  • Accurate ICC profiles of Galaxy inks, film and powder.


Desktop, compact, elegant design


Built-in ink cartridges and waste ink bottles, integrated design.

Easy Maintenace

Ease of access with full opening upper cover..


Optimized internal structure, more stable operation.

Stronger Suction

Stronger air suction perfomance..

2- Printing Modes

sheet or roll application


White ink circulation system.

Cadlink Software

Superior reliability in printing and accuracy of color and ink drop control.

GS-DTF-A3 Specifications

GS-DO-001 Oven

Expertly designed for the A3 Galaxy DTF printers, with additional temperature and time settings, the Galaxy GS-DO-001 Oven is made to be easy to operate without needing specialist training. The model is also light weight, but is fully stable and durable, making it safe to operate in a variety of working conditions.

Galaxy GS-DO-001 Oven Specifications

Oven 4050

The 1st 40*50cm/15.7*19.7″ curing oven can meet the curing requirement for the DTF film printed by both Galaxy A3 DTF printer & other brands DTG printers in the market.   The Galaxy 4050 DTF Oven is unique in that it has it’s own filtration system for a eco-friendly environment.  Easy to operate, this well-structured unit is designed to ensure well-distributed heat during the curing process.
Shorter Curving time: 60 Seconds 
Reduced baking time: 140 C (248 F)

1. Elegant appearance
2.The maximum image curing size is 35x45cm (13.8″x 17.7″)
3. UL certificated heating pipe guarantees perfect heating performance.
4. Louver design to offer safe working conditions for electronic components
5. All around the base are sealed with silicon pad to guarantee even heating performance
6. Adding spacing structure so the film holding drawer will not fall off once slide-out.
7. Heat insulation cotton is added to prevent the top cover from being over hot.
8. Thermostat is used to protect the heater from overload

Galaxy Oven-4050 Specifications

Galaxy Powder Shaker Machine GS-410

 The DTF Powder Shaker was specially developed for easy powdering of DTF transfers, compatible with DTF film with sizes up to 40*50cm. 

With a flick of the wrist, the thermal powder is evenly distributed on the film, no more manual DTF powdering. 

This DTF Powder Shaker takes the DTF printing process to another level, accelerating your workflow and your printing business


1. Desk-top design
2. Interchangeable control box
3. Compatible with DTF film with sizes up to 40*50cm.
4. Powder falling is well-distributed
5. Easy to operate
6. Easy to add powder and powder can be recycled and used

Control Box

Interchangeable control box

Easy to use

Easy to add powder and powder can be recycled and reused.


Compatible with DTF film sizes up to 40*50cm

Galaxy Powder Shaker Specifications

Galaxy A3 DTF Powder Shaker & Dryer Combo

The Galaxy A3 DTF Powder Shaker and Dryer 2in1 is designed for the A3 Roller DTF printer users. 

It’s a powder shaking and oven 2in1 machine. With this machine, one person can operate the entire A3 DTF roller printing process easily. 

As long as the graphic files and printing arrangements are set ready, the printing work can move continuously.


1. Powder shaking & film curing 2in1 machine
2. Powder apply speed & volume adjustable
3. All-around wheels for easy movement
4. Smart film roll-up system

Galaxy A3 DTF Powder Shaker/Dryer 2in1 Specifications

Galaxy Air Filter

Galaxy Smoke Purifier –  Green&Black-100~240V

The Galaxy Portable Air Filter absorbs and filters any gases or dust and can achieve 99.97% purification rate, which prevents environmental pollution. 

Galaxy Air Purifier is the perfect addition to your Desktop DTF oven, it is highly recommended that you use a air purifier in conjunction with the DTF powder curing ovens. 


1. Elegant Galaxy Appearance
2. Easy to Operate, Easy Plug and Play
3. Adjustable Smoke Pipe
4. Compact Size, Light Weight
5. Noise Lower Than 50 dB
6. Suitable for smoke and dust treatment of various equipment

Easy to Operate, Easy Plug & Play, Adjustable Pipe
Noise Lower Than 50 db
Suitable for smoke and dust treatment of various equipment

Galaxy Smoke Purifier Specifications

DTF System Package

System Includes:
* GS-DTF-A3R Printer
* GS-DO-001 Oven
* Galaxy Air Purifier
* CADlink Factory Direct  Software
* 200 ml CMYKWW Ink
* A3 DTF Film – 100 sheets
* DTF Powder – 1kg/2.2lbs bag

Optional Equipment Available:
* Powder Shaker Machine GS-401
* A3 DTF Powder Shaker/Dryer Combo
* DTF Oven-1620

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Digital Factory for DTF

Digital Factory v10 Direct to Film Edition DTF RIP, Software
The professional software solution for direct-to-film production. Includes all the tools required for vibrant, color-accurate printing as well as optimized printer drivers that increase print speeds and overall production quality. Two versions available a desk top 23” and below and a 24” and above.
CADlink Digital Factory V10 is a Rip software, specially developed for DTF printing, software that lets you print DTF films with vibrant colors in minutes. Multiple, pre-set, color-managed queues come standard within the software and ensure illustrated images literally pop with color and photographic images are printed with unmatched accuracy. Full control of the image to achieve high-quality printing by optimizing the printing process to the maximum. The automated white underbase feature provides beautiful and quick prints of dark fabrics.

  • Ultra-fast RIP processing, even with multiple job queues, which you can configure according to the printer, inks and layouts.
  • Compatible with modified Epson L1800 and L805 printers included in our DTF printer bundles (A4 and A3 sizes)
  • Maximum optimization of printer and ink efficiency
  • Very simple, user-friendly interface with quick responsiveness
  • Includes CMYK + White drivers, specially created for L1800 and L805 printers
  • Real-time nozzle check, automatic print head cleaning, and maintenance alert notifications
  • Several preview modes: white layer (choke), color layer, color replacement, final result, print preview
  • Pre-set print modes with the possibility to manually adjust the parameters by creating a template
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