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DEMO  OKI Pro8432WT Textile Transfer Printer

The Pro8432WT provides HD-quality color heat transfers for apparel, hard goods and a wide range of promotional materials. It features advanced white toner technology with solid opacity and CMY color. The Pro8432WT is a compact and efficient printer, with a straight-through print path and high-efficiency material handling for simple operation and lower costs.  Print letter or tabloid paper size.    Call for SPECIAL PRICE

Geo Knight JP14 Swing-Away Heat Press – 12″x14″

The JetPress machines are a heavy duty line of low-cost, economical swing away heat presses. Intended for start-ups, home use, and noncommercial, hobby-oriented transfer printing, the JetPress machines are ideal for ink-jet, bubble-jet, laser, copier & sublimation iron-on transfer paper users seeking professional quality imprinting results, without the costs associated with commercial press equipment.    Call for SPECIAL PRICE


Limited supply
Fruit of the loom HD Cotton T’s
Item 3930R – 8.5 oz,
100% high density cotton jeersey
Large Size Only  $3.95 ea
(min qty = 12 pieces)

UniSub White Gloss Aluminum 5" x7.63"

Item UNI4441 *  UniSub White Gloss Aluminum Size 5″ x 7.63″
Rounded corners.
Reg $6.52 each  Sale Price $3.75 ea  Limited quantity available.

Neenah Photo-Trans SC Laser Heat Transfer Paper

Item SPAPTWB17  *  Photo-Trans SC Heat Transfer Paper is made for use in fuser oil based copiers and series 1000 – 3000 Indigo presses. This well-known brand of transfer paper offers trouble-free tray feeding in most color laser copiers. It provides excellent graphic reproduction on t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, t-shirts and more in bright, fade-resistant color.  Laser printable heat transfer paper for 100% white and light-colored cotton and poly/cotton blend fabrics.

CLEARANCE PRICE = $85.00 per Pack of 100 sheets

JET WEAR InkJet Transfer Paper

Item SPIJT11C  *  Jet Wear for Light fabrics (cold peel)  for all light colored fabrics giving a natural look and feel without cracking

CLEARANCE PRICE = $65.00 per Pack of 100 sheets (regular $110.00/pk)


Premium FLOCK:
High density fibers give textured feel perfect for lettering, numbers and logos onto sports and leisurewear.  Washable up to 60oC and also suitable for dry cleaning. Available in roll format 20” wide. Excellent cutting and weeding properties.

CLEARANCE PRICE = $7.85/YD mim 3 yards purchase (regular $15.95/yd)

MC504 -Dark Green

MC506 -Royal Blue

MC515 -Orange

MC510 -Yellow

MC503 -Navy Blue

Print and cut in reverse mode.   *  Do not score carrier.   *  Weed and flip over onto fabric.  *  TEMPERATURE: 338°F -347°F  *  PRESSURE: Medium  *  TIME: 15-20 seconds


High quality flex film with special surface effect laminated with a thermally activated adhesive. Washable up to 40 °C.
MagiCut Flex Fashion can be cut with most current plotters. Cut in ‘Mirror Image’ through the hotmelt adhesive to the surface of the polyester transfer film.
The polyester liner would be removed when cool. Afterwards, it is recommended that the transfer is pressed for a further 2 seconds.

CLEARANCE PRICE = $5.85/YD mim 3 yards purchase (regular $9.45/yd)

MC6105 -Gold

MC6106 – Red
Sold Out

MC6107 – Blue

MC6108 – Green

MC420 – Metallic Gold

Print and cut in reverse mode.   *  Do not score carrier.   *  Weed and flip over onto fabric.  *  TEMPERATURE: 330°F -345°F  *  PRESSURE: Medium  *  TIME: 25 seconds

WOW – Weedless Dark Textile Laser  Transfer

WOW Professional laser transfer paper enables full color images, logos and photos onto dark garments and fabrics. However, the unique patented process does not involve any weeding or cutting. This product will change the rules for dark garment decoration onto cotton, polyester, leather, nylon and most textiles. WOW Professional transfer paper offers an additional method for complex or detailed designs that cannot be profile cut and weeded. Sizes: A4 Packaging: 50 sheets per box A4 – 8.25” x 11.75”.

CLEARANCE PRICE = $95.00/box (regular $186.00/box)

DCT – Opaque Laser Transfer Water Slide Decal

DCT 4.5 Opaque DCT 4.5 continues to be the easiest and most effective method of decorating ceramics, candles, glass, in fact most promotional items that have a non flat surface.  Best for dark surfaces. Packaging: 100 sheets per box  DCT 4.5 Opaque – A4

CLEARANCE PRICE = $40.00/box (regular $173.00/box)

CL – Laser Transfer Media – Sickers and Label Stock

 Range of specialist media for colour laser copiers and printers. Permanent adhesive for indoor and outdoor use. SPF Label Stock, used for applying full color lavels to indoor or outdoor surfaces, window stickers, bumper stickers, machine labels, etc.  Packaging: 100 sheets per box
Available in White Matte, White Gloss, Gold Gloss, Clear Gloss, and Silver Gloss

CLEARANCE PRICE = $55.00/box (regular $200.00/box)

COVERSEAL – UV Scratch Resistance

Transparent film for A-Pad applications. Gives maximum UV protection and maximum scratch resistance. One-step process. Sizes: A3 Packaging: 50 sheets per box.

CLEARANCE PRICE = $65.00/box (regular $175.00/box)

A-Pad silicone rubber for specific CPM transfer applications such as metal, plastic, vinyl, board, CD’s, etc.
Size: 15” x 20” Price: $135.00

Soft Pad silicone sponge for specific CPM and OBM applications. Size 15” x 20” Price: $90.00 ea

Wow pad for application with WOW Professional for Dark
Size: 15” x 20” Price: $70.00

Glass Crystal for Engraving and Direct to Substrate Print (UV)

Glass Crystal - Sunflower

Sunflower – the crystal is pure and brilliant, especially the sunflower. Enjoy the sunshine of your life from the transparent sunflower crystal.
Item CR002-B Sunflower  Size 4.7”w x 5.3”h x 1.6” (reg $10.20) SPECIAL $3.06 ea
Item CR002-C Sunflower  Size 3.1”w x 3.7”h x 1.2” (reg $6.05) SPECIAL $1.82 ea
Item CR002-D Sunflower  Size 2.4”w x 3.0”h x 1.1” (reg $5.70) SPECIAL $1.70 ea

Glass Crystal - Horizontal Incline

Item CR005 Horizontal Incline – the horizontal incline crystal is one of the fahionable ornaments. Process the crystal with the picture of your family members making it an everlasting heirloom. Size 3.1”w x 2.4”h x 1.0” (reg $4.12) SPECIAL $1.25 ea

Glass Crystal - Octahedron

Item CR010 Octahedron – The crystal is transparent and the symbol of pure. It is the fashionable adomnent for the presenting as a gift to your friends or be a ornament of decoration Size 5.1”w x 5.1”h x 1.6” (reg $9.10) SPECIAL $2.70 ea