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Poker chips

Poker Chips

Item S-POKER  *  Sublimation Poker Chips – 1.5” dia x .131”, 10 grams
We’re betting that our sublimation poker chips will be a winner with your customers! Now you can customize any poker game to fit the occasion – perfect for bachelor parties, casino nights or birthday gifts for your favorite gambler!
The matte white sublimation surface is imprintable on both sides of the coin, making a winning combination with company logos, favorite photos or classic poker designs!
Size: 1.5″ round – Matte White – Two-sided
Qty 25/pack – Broken cases billed as each price
$0.82 ea less than pack
$0.75 ea per pack
$0.69 ea per 4+ packs

* Prepare artwork and size transfer according to placement size of the imprintable.
* Image must be produced in reverse or “mirror image” to insure correct application
* Preheat press to 400 degrees 
* Using heat resistant tape, secure the image to the object to keep it from moving
* Place a piece of protective paper on the bottom of the press.
* Place the substrate, imaging side face-up, onto the protective sheet of paper.  
* This product must be pressed twice, once for each side of the token.  
* You cannot press the two sides at the same time unless you have a heat platen on the bottom of the press
* Press at 400 degrees F for 45-55 seconds using Light – Medium pressure
* Remove transfer while hot 

* When imprinting the second side you may see a slight blurring of the image on the first side.  This is normal, as some out-   gassing will occur as the token is reheated.

Note: These instructions are guide lines only and are based on the inks, paper, and products we supply. Your inks, papers, etc. may require adjustments in your time/temp settings.

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