Results Heat Transfer Vinyl Support & Instructions

Cutting Instructions

Results Transfer Products™ has a mylar like film liner.
Blade: 100% Carbide 45° Degree, Offset 250,
Speed 30 cm/second
Force: 45-50gm for Results™CUT, 70-90gm for Results™OPAQUE
Blade Depth: Start with 1/2mm.
Do not score liner!
The liner should not be scored. Cutting deeply enough to score the liner will degrade the quality of the cut, making it more difficult to weed.

Heat Pressing -

Pre-press 2-4 seconds.
Results™ CUT Common settings for most fabrics – 300°F – 310°F Time 10-12 Seconds, Pressure Medium (60 psi). Peel Cold

Sensitive Fabrics – 250°F – 300°F, Time 8-10 seconds, Pressure Medium (60 psi). Peel Cold *Special Settings for REFLECTIVE refer to brochure or within product purchasing page.

Nylons – 300°F – 310°F Cover with Parchment Paper Pre-heat 30 seconds. Put transfer film on fabric while it is warm.
Heat 20-30 seconds using, Medium Pressure (60 psi).
Peel Warm to Cold. Do not Peel when Hot.
Final Press. With Parchment, cover transfer film and press 10 seconds.

Experiment with a small piece of fabric before committing to an incorrect setting. TDF adhesive begins activating at 250°F.

ICC Profiles for Results Opaque

Click on a link below to download an ICC Profile

MIMAKI JV3  –  HM11 is the best
MIMAKI JV33/CJV  –  Shut off Pre-Heater
MUTOH 1204  –  Dpi at 360-720.  NO More
MUTOH1604  –  ICC Profiles.  THT for fast processing
ROLAND SP  TTRH – slower

Printer Settings

HM11 is the best.
Shut off Printer Pre-Heater.
dpi at 360-720. No more.
ICC Profiles. THT for fast processing
TTRH- Slower

ICC Profiles. Use 3M, Oracal, Mactac, keep at 360-720 dpi.

dpi: 540 x 720
Pass: 6 passes
Direction: Bi
Pre-heater: 35°C (95°F)
Print-heater: 35°C (95°F)
After-heater: 40°C (104°F

About TDF Results™

Top Dog Film™ is an innovative manufacturer and distributor of 100% Polyurethane heat transfer film designed for garment and promotional personalization.

Top Dog Film™ is sold under the trademarked name Results™ Transfer Products. It is a perfect decorating solution for all types of fabrics, especially for performance sportswear and clothing being worn by many professional sports teams. Results™ provides an ultra soft hand/feel. It has consistent stretch with rebound. It is lightweight and durable with no image fading or peeling away from the fabric, even after countless washing. You have full control of your costs no matter what the fabric. Whether you own a standard cutting plotter or digital printer you have the pleasure to create designs, logos, letters and numbers. You are only limited by your imagination.

Sportswear, swim wear, work wear, military, latest fashion, safety, promotional products, and unlimited commercial clothing can be customized. The same roll of any Results™ heat transfer film will adhere securely to virtually any fabric. Each roll includes our superior proprietary adhesive allowing for quick, low-temperature applications starting at 250°F (120°C). With Results™ you can imprint cotton, polyester, nylon, moisture-wicking, Lycra, Spandex, paper, cardboard, leather, heat sensitive fabrics, and more. You can do it all!

There is no guesswork with our transfer films. They are a proven product and we guarantee their performance. They are eco-friendly and PVC free, with no harmful chemicals or additives. Results Transfer Products™ are RSL Compliant. Our Silver Reflective is certified EN471 for safety brightness. In fact, all our films are manufactured within an ISO 9001 environment. Frankly speaking, we are “ factory friendly”. We produce films on a non pressure-sensitive poly carrier and they are all warm-to-cold peel.

100% Guaranteed Quality!
The benchmark of quality starts with our manufacturing capacity. We are a full product-line manufacturer with state-of-the-art manufacturing and coating equipment. We employ on-site quality control and testing and have on-site ownership/management. We are represented by the dedication of three generations of family.

Industry Value and Performance Rating

What they don’t want you to know!

Top Dog Film™ products are first tested at the manufacturing facility. A team of engineers and chemist put all our films through rigorous testing for 6 months before the product is released to the general public. Fact, we use all our own films in daily production for an unlimited amount of custom embellishment and fabric personalization. Many customers come to us with an idea and we develop a product around that idea to stay up date with new trends and market indicators. Our product test are run on this criteria. Comfort, durability, flexibility, universal applications, wash, wear, dry-clean, and ink color fastness for our printable films. Wash tests are conducted at 140° C. Our scale rating is from 1 to 4, 4 being the highest. All our products are a 4 or they would not be in the market.

Okay, so cotton seems to work for you, but when you move away from cotton, and move into difficult fabrics, especially performance sportswear. Here are the facts that will help you avoid disappointment.

What they don’t want you to know.
•Many film and printed images deteriorate after 4-5 washings.
•Shirts from direct to garment printers. They fade after 1-3 washing.
•Oeko Tex Standard. Does everyone live up to this? No especially when using PVC.
•If it is PVC and mixed Polyurethane-It is a hybrid with PVC.
•Some say there films meet Oeko Tex standard?. Okay which film. This label is abused by many.
•? test 5 films, one passes, so they declare all 5 meet the standard.
•PVC- Is not Safe for Kids to Wear.
•PVC does not stretch and return. It is a hard substrate.
•PVC is a rigid film with plasticizers. soft when it is hot, hard when it cools.

•Lower the % of Polyurethane= less flexibility
•100% Polyurethane. Just one critical component to performance wear.

Enough stated.
•There is One Film and adhesive for all fabrics. TDF .
•Quality vs. Price and Performance. Test it. Ask for a sample.
•TDF will give you a sample to heat press on your garment.
•Results Transfer Films are 4 way Stretch and Rebound.
•Our competition. Plenty of Ink Rub off?
•Wash and Wear Disasters

What they CANNOT SHOW YOU. .

Try this!

1.Print on the film.
Without pre-heating.  Cut through the color bleed. Does it Curl.  For island deign use Results reusable MASK.  Immediately heat apply to the garment.  Make a sample, one off, show it, close the sale.  Did the film settle into the fabric? Can you pick the edges up? no hand and touch from fabric to edge of film
Recommend fabrics, nylon, polyester, lycra, micro-fiber or spandex. (nylon, pre-heat 15 seconds, let cool, then heat apply film). Challenge yourself.

2. Print and Wait. All our competition makes you wait 4-24 hours before you can heat press into the garment..

3. The best tests for wash and wear results. WEAR IT. Can anyone compete against Top Dog Film WE doubt it.
a. Rub a coin aggressively on the print. Does the film come away from the shirt?
b. Does the ink come off. TDF does not. We use an patented top-coat.
c. Rub two sides of the print together. Look for ink rub-off.
d. Heat press and put together, does the film stick together, OURS does not.
e. Wash it 5 times, 10 times, 20 times. Compare it to the original.

4. Does one roll go on all fabrics? Or do you need multiple rolls? try one film on top of another, metallic as well..

5. Super Soft hand and feel remaining after the first wash. How about 1 day after heat application.

6. Competition ” A larger print only gets worse”.

7. Wrinkle free! after washing, garment may be wrinkled, you should be able to iron out the film image. Turn garment inside out and iron. Did the print iron out?

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