Results Safety Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

•Results™ Reflective. Same roll for virtually any fabric.
•Nothing compares in comfort, durability and performance.
•Certified Class3/EN 471 rating.
•Consistent flexibility, ultra-soft hand/ feel, matte finish.
•Accept no imitations.

Our certified EN-471/Class 3, highest grade Polyurethane Heat press vinyl film only 75 microns thick, flexible and durable. Developed to perfectly personalize virtually any fabric. That’s correct, one roll for any fabric. Nothing Compares to the flexibility, quality, and comfort of TDF Results™ REFLECT. Performance sportswear, military, fashion, leisure, shoes,even promotional products! Wash, Dry, & wear 100+ times, Dry Clean suitable. Guaranteed life-time stretch & rebound, keeps an ultra soft

Cutting Instructions:
45° Carbide Blade – Cut in mirror image – 60-110gms.
Weed away unwanted film around image.
Pre-heat fabric 2 seconds(nylon and silicone coated fabrics 20seconds)
Cover & Heat press at 305°F, 3 seconds.
Peel Liner Warm to Cold.
Cover & Heat again at 305°F, 10-12 seconds.
Wear & Enjoy
Note: Less heat=more time for heat sensitive fabrics.

Results CUT Safety Reflective (20" x 33) yard rolls

NOTE: Minimum order is 3 yards per color

3-9 yds

$19.13 /yd

10-19 yds

$18.05 /yd

20-32 yds

$16.83 /yd

Roll (33 yds)

$15.30 /yd ($504.90)

Pen Weeding Tool

Item 55-AC596-WPI  *  Weeding Pen – Thick Point
Designed for comfort.  Quickly and easily weed vinyl graphics and cad cut materials.  
$12.95 ea

Weeding Tweezers

Item 55-AC600-TZI  *  Weeding Tweezers
Heavy metal with vry sharp points.Quickly and easily weed vinyl graphics and cad cut materials.  
$9.95 ea