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Coat Hanger

Coat Hanger – Coat Hanger for Dye Sublimation, Unisub™ MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) Wood, 16″ x 8″ x .625″ thick with Stained Black thick straight edge with a gloss white finish. Three large double silver hooks are included. Each key hanger is pre-drilled for the three hooks, which are attached after sublimation. Two keyholes on the back make for sturdy fastening to the wall.

Coat Hanger

Item UNI4576  *  Size 16″ x 8″ x .625″ with 3 silver hooks, black edge
Qty 8/case – Broken cases billed as each.
$32.22 ea less than case
$26.54 ea per case
$24.64 ea per 4+ cases


* Prepare artwork and size transfer according to the size and shape of the product.
* Image must be produced in reverse or “mirror image” 
* Place a sheet of plain white paper on the press.
* Remove the protective plastic covering from the product.
* Using heat resistant tape, secure the image with the printed side of transfer facing the product
* Lay the imprintable face up on the heat press so that you are pressing onto the transfer.
* Cover imprintable with a sheet of plain white paper.
* Press at 400 degrees F for 105-110 seconds using Medium pressure
* When pressing is finished carefully remove the transfer paper and allow to cool on a clean surface
* If you are using an item that can be printed on both sides, allow the imprintable to cool to room temperature before pressing the 2nd side.  

Note: These instructions are guide lines only and are based on the inks, paper, and products we supply. Your inks, papers, etc. may require adjustments in your time/temp settings.

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